Olifants North Game Reserve

FAQs from the following months are available on this page:

Q: Were you hacked?
A: Yes, by Adesa.
Q: Can A-Class vehicles game view on Both North and South with more than 4 People on the Vehicle?
A: Yes, although the User Agreement limits occupation of the A Class Unit to 4 people, the Traversing Agreement allows for a maximum of 8 people on a Game Viewer without distinguishing between types of membershipso feel free to go on game drives with your neighbours using the same vehicle, just do not exceed 8 on board
Q: Are we allowed to cook meals on the two reserves away from our units.
A: The policy of both reserves is the same, yes, if a gas braai or skottel is used and if its done at a viewpoint. However no open fires are allowed for this. Please note, braaing is not allowed at hides linked to dams such as Hide, Nkonkoni etc., nor within 250 meters of any waterhole or dam. The only exception is Rhino hide on Olifants River within the area enclosed by the lathe fence, preferably on the concrete slab.
Q: Why is the causeway closed at certain times
A: The Traversing agreement stipulates that traversing in either direction is not permitted over the Easter period in each year, the exact dates to be agreed by the respective directors and notified to their members. The directors of either North or South may, on not less than 7 days notice, notify the other directors that traversing on their game reserve is prohibited during other peak periods, in addition to the Easter period, not exceeding 21 days in any one calendar year.
Q: Do C-class shareholders have full voting rights on Olifants North matters
A: Yes, C-class shareholders have full voting rights on Olifants North matters.
Q: The 90 day rule, is it per shareholder of a unit or the unit as a whole
A: The 90 day rule as it stands applies to the unit; therefore in cases where a unit is shared by other registered users, each user can use the unit for their portion of 90 days, in a calendar year. Partners may, if they want, adjust the portion of 90 days allocated to the unit to suit themselves, as long as the unit itself is not occupied for more than 90 days in any calendar year.
Q: What is the radio etiquette governing the use of two way radios at night
A: Every night, on both sides of the river, management sleep with a radio that is switched on in case of emergencies. Common decency therefore dictates that after about 20h30 members no longer call in sightings, as management do need to get some sleep. However, in case of emergency, please do use the radio as that is exactly one of the reasons management sleep with the radio on; the safety of members
Q: The Reciprocal Traversing Agreement refers to a curfew with regards traversing on opposite sides of the causeway, yet we seem to be allowed to break the curfew
A: The traversing agreement between the two reserves does specify a curfew and this was in place and enforced for a while. However the boards of the two reserves agreed to waive without prejudice the restriction, at first as a trial and after that on an on going basis. This arrangement can be reversed at any time by either Board. In other words, a gentlemans agreement between the two reserves is currently in place

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