Olifants North Game Reserve

Sightings from the following months are available on this page:

Date Name Unit Sighting Location
2019-07-30 ULI A9 Mellers mongoose Jackal road - Camp road junction
2019-07-29 Uli A9 Leopard Bergview road
2019-07-13 Bev & Barry Takis A12 & B29 Mating Lion pair Lion pair mating
2019-07-09 Anton B16 Breeding herd Elephant 20+ Grietjie A- North Gate
2019-07-08 Daniel B16 African wild cat at the unit (B16)
2019-07-05 Kenny B7 2 x male lions Ndlovu dam
2019-07-04 Kenny B7 Leopard At Unit B7
2019-07-03 Johann B38 2 x lionesses and 3 cubs Wildebeest Dam
2019-07-02 David B32 2 x female lions and 3 cubs Wildebeest

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