7 days of rain

What a week it’s been! After months of soaring temperatures, and high humidity, the desperation of looking for any signs of approaching rain became unbearable! But starting on Monday 14th January glorious rain began to fall, but for

some of us it brought back some horrible memories of the flooding last year.The continuous rain and cool weather were most welcomling and continued steadily until Saturday, 19 January, when it came down in a manic surge, which continued until Sunday evening. The total received during this period was 357mm!!!! In 7 days?! Total rainfall for the season is now 608mm!! The bush is alive again!! Wildebeeste and Pebble Loop dams are full to the brim with Pebble Loop dam actually overflowing. The Olifants river flowed over the bridge during the night of the 19th and we had to close it on Sunday as the approach from our side had been washed, not too badly, but we had to wait for it to dry out before being able to send the TLB in to fix it up and it is open again now. Photo’s of some of the dams and Olifants River have been posted under the gallery. The roads have held up remarkably well which is a huge relief but the ground is absolutely saturated! Streams are still flowing today and there are some really beautiful ponds that have been fashioned next to the roads that terrapins and frogs have already moved into. The tinkling of reed frogs at night is such a blissful sound and one that should stay around for a while with all the water lying around. We’ve been expecting the electricity cable to blow again after all the rain, and true to form it blew on Monday afternoon. So once again, the office and camp, staff village, our house and the Lower Sedumoni units were affected. The water tanks that feed these units couldn’t be filled so we had to re-route pumping from the borehole at Kudu pan in order to have water. Thankfully the electrician was able to come out yesterday afternoon to locate the fault with their specialised equipment, and by 5.30pm the power was restored! Today everything is back to normal, thankfully.