News snippet 4 April 2013

Yay, the electricity cable survived the rain yesterday and didn”t blow!!!! You should just see the bush this morning,

shining brightly after 34mm rain fell yesterday and last night. The leaves are a sparkling green and the rain beads sitting on them look like glittering diamonds! The trunks and branches have turned dark that contrast radiantly against the foliage. Just too beautiful for words! Our year to date rain has now reached a whopping 694mm but is still 152mm below that was recorded at the end of April last year. We”ve still got time to catch up though!!!

Yesterday Joe came across 6 tortoises that had gathered at a puddle in the road to take a drink, which is something one doesn”t often see. This morning, on their way to work, two staff members came across a male lion at the junction of Camp road and the staff village. Joe went out to follow up and followed him until the junction of Dead Lead – that was at 07h00. Then Michelle and Eric from A2 let me know that they”ve just had a male lion in front of their unit (07h30), which I”m convinced is not the same lion that the staff saw, as Roger from B16, was watching the one that Joe had followed to Dead Lead.

Bee-eaters are swooping all around the camp gardens, presumably catching tasty morsels that have emerged after the rain. It looks as though the Woodland Kingfishers have left the area now as we haven”t heard their trilling calls for a while now.

The baboons are causing havoc with the clubhouse roof, pulling huge chunks of thatch out of the parts of the roof that isn”t covered with wire mesh. We hear their raucous barks almost every evening as they settle in the trees around the camp for the night, and then again in the mornings as they begin their foraging. Some mornings we find the outdoor furniture strewn around and have even seen evidence of them bathing in the splash pool! What a nuisance they are at the moment.

Well, that”s it for now. Will catch up again soon so until then, take care.

Kind regards