Electricity and water problems – 28 December 2014

Hello everyone

We”d like to advise that for 2 days now we”ve not had electricity. There was a mini tornado that swept through Grietjie on the 26th causing some houses to lose their roofs and uprooting trees. A major transformer there was damaged and a transformer near B9 had also ped. Eskom finally came in late yesterday afternoon and have repaired the transformers. However, it now appears that the cable, that was replaced last year, has been damaged as well and as a result there is no power at the lower section of the reserve. Water has now also run out but Joe is trying to make a plan to get water from 4 tanks to 2 tanks.

Joe has managed to make a plan to get electricity to the ridges and there is currently water in the tanks.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this is causing and hope to have it rectified very soon.