King of the bush on his last legs

What a sad scene unfurled last evening. John and Eileen found a very old male lion lying near the causeway. Three lionesses appeared and started to walk across the bridge and when they got near the old male, they began hissing and growling at him. The lionesses continued across the causeway, only to turn around before reaching the South side and made their way back to the North. Passing past the old male again he tried desperately to clamber up the rocks in the riverbed to get to the causeway, but could hardly put one foot in front of the other, wobbling with fatigue. He”s obviously on his last legs and was trying desperately to keep up with lionesses in the hopes of them making a kill.

He was seen again this morning by Roy and Debbie, on Ebony near the Sedumoni crossing, but without the lionesses. How sad that one who was once king of the bushveld should end up like this, no pride to assist him, all on his own.

Very sad news today, but it”s the law of nature. Only the fittest survive.

Take care