News Snippet 1 September 2012

Hooray!! Our new assistants, Ian and Anita, begun working here today and already it feels as though a huge load has been taken off our shoulders. Welcome Anita and Ian, we hope you’ll be very happy here. Today hardly feels like the first day of Spring – with a temperature of 38 degrees forecast it feels as though we’re in October already!! I must admit though that there are a lot of shoots emerging from many shrubs, and the Flame Creepers are in full flower now with their bright red flowers attracting a multitude of buzzing insects and many nectar sipping birds like the sunbirds. Sightings have been amazing – especially with Kenny (B7) having found a leopard yesterday morning at the Sedumoni crossing near Rhino plains and then again last evening at Kudu Pan. Two lionesses were seen drinking at Kudu pan on the 30th by Malcolm (B22) and many other vehicles were able to approach as they were so relaxed. After watching them Malcolm, heading back to his unit, drove via Wildebeeste dam where he came across the male lion (see our August gallery) trying to dig out a warthog from a hole. Unfortunately Malcolm couldn’t call in the sighting as his radio had a loose wire, but he stayed watching the event unfold, every now and then the lion stopped his digging whilst he caught his breathe, and after 2 hours his lucky break came as the warthog came hurling out of the hole where the lion caught it. Malcolm said it was over in a matter of seconds but there was also a piglet who, totally bewildered, ran straight to the vehicle and then ran off into the bush. Peter (B1) and his guests also found a lioness the evening before on Camp road. Civet and African Wild Cats are also been seen regularly so all in all, Olifants North is the place to be!!