News snippet 10 August 2012

Thankfully the daytime temperatures are slowing returning to normality – I see on the www.wunderground website that Phalaborwa was forecast to be 31 degrees tomorrow. How amazing would that be??? On the subject of cold weather, I take it that perhaps most members decided to get away from the freezing cold of the highveld and head down to the reserve – we have 24 units in residence at the moment with a further 2 or 3 still expected in! Exciting viewing unfolded yesterday evening when lion were seen on Pels loop and a male lion on the North side of the causeway who, wait for this, may be KUIFKOP! His mane looked very similar and he acted just like Kuifkop used to around vehicles – totally relaxed, so much so that he sniffed around Kenny’s vehicle and sauntered past other vehicles. I can’t wait for Kenny and Nic to compare the photographs they took last evening with previous images of Kuifkop, but will certainly give you the outcome as soon as I know.