News snippet 10 January 2013

Will this incessant heat not let up!!! Days of temperatures soaring to the high 30’s have been the norm and and it’s extremely humid, so much so that rivers run down our faces and necks! I really feel for the staff that are working out in the blazing sun as not a cloud can be seen that might offer some respite from the burning heat. It was so hot yesterday that the one of the impala lilies’ leaves, in the pots in front of the office, have burnt to a frazzle and the lawn, recently mown, is showing signs of distress! Despite the heat however, game sightings have been fantastic! I’ve not recorded them all on the sightings page yet, as I’m not sure who saw what yesterday as I didn’t recognise the voices on the radio, but a leopard was seen at Kudu pan, a herd of about 140 buffalo crossed the Olifants river from South to North and were seen on Sedumoni drive in the afternoon, together with elephant. Joe found a breeding herd of elephant at Wildebeeste dam this morning and Ian radioed yesterday evening to say that Mad Max (the elephant that charged Joe) was back inside the reserve, but thankfully no one’s run into him and we’re not sure where he is now.