News snippet 11 April 2013

After some really warm days since the recent rain, the weather begun changing yesterday afternoon. Clouds began scudding across the sky backed by a blustery wind that pushed them to the West where they banked up in front of the setting sun. What a picture it painted the borders of the clouds hemmed with a golden lining.

The wind continued to blow all night and this morning we woke up to a 3 degree in temperature compared to yesterday morning and with a really icy wind.

Some trees are beginning to their leaves but it is still quite lush out there in the bush. Kudu lilies are already flowering and the impalal lilies are beginning to push buds through their branches. Any day now the aloes will also begin to sprout flower stems and the sunbirds will have a feast.

The private school holidays begin this coming weekend and we have a number of families coming in. Hopefully with more vehicles out there the sightings will come rolling in and I”ll be able to update our sightings list as we”ve only had one unit in this past week.

Until next time, take care