News snippet 11 January 2013

At long last a respite from the heat heralded the morning in today – the sky’s totalled blanketed in cloud and a gentle breeze is blowing. What an absolute relief!! Suddenly everyone has a bounce in their step and smiles on their faces. Except for poor Lizzy (one of our cleaning ladies), who went to begin cleaning unit A7, and came running, her face an ash colour, to tell me there was a large snake in one of the bedrooms. Grabbing the snake-catching tongs and cooler box I headed off with Lizzy, Joyce and Jamaica. Not knowing what snake I was up against, my glasses were on, I sceptically manoeuvred the beds apart but still couldn’t see anything. Gingerly I managed to open the sliding doors that led outside and climbed on top of one of the beds. Peering over the headboard I saw the snake and after a few attempts managed to secure it in the tongs, where it wrapped itself around them. Taking it outside and in the light I saw that it was a python, it’s beautfully patterned green markings gleaming. Releasing it into the grass it slithered away probably very relieved. So that was the start of another day in this stunning piece of Africa!!