News Snippet 11 June 2012

It’s a bitterly cold morning so here I am trying to type wearing gloves and hope there won’t be too many mistakes!! One of our housekeepers, Judith Mabilane, who has been employed at ONGR since August 2004, had the misfortune of being conned by two men at the ATM in Phalaborwa about 2 months ago. The men offered to safely take her hard earned cash to her house, supposedly safe guarding it for her. When they got to her house they handed her the envelope, and Judith thinking the contents were bank notes, thanked them and said goodbye. It was only after they left that she opened the envelope to find there were only pieces of paper and no money. Judith will be appearing in court on Wednesday after the two accused were caught and charged with “theft under false pretences”. May justice prevail! A lion called from the Sedumoni late Saturday afternoon and was answered by another, in the direction of the floodplains. Danny from unit A8, drove the floodplains yesterday and said that there was lion spoor all over. These lion are just so secretive but at least we’re hearing them again.