News snippet 11 June 2013

WINTER IS HERE!!!! What an incredibly cold morning we woke to today with a minimum recorded on the thermometer of 9 degrees!! Scarves, snug jackets and beanies are the order of the day.
The wind howled all day yesterday making it very unpleasant for anyone out on game drives, and although there”s no wind today, its very, very crisp.

The bush is still looking incredible although the grass has turned a wheat colour, but the trees are still cloaked in leaves, apart from the few such as corkwoods having shed their leaves a number of weeks back. I”m sure though with the change in temperatures, many of the other trees will now begin to follow suite.

It”s owl and nightjar time again as they are beginning to call in the late evening and into the night. Joining them too are the jackal, whose mournful howling is heard in the very early hours of the day.

Elephant are everywhere single bulls, small groups of bulls, small and large breeding herds making their presence known with felled trees and littering the roads with their calling cards.

As the bush is drying out at this time of the year, please remember to ensure that your braai fires are properly extinguished before retiring for the night.

That”s all for now, keep warm and until next time take special care.