News snippet 11 October 2012

As mentioned in an email yesterday, road works have begun on Camp road near Two Tanks where portions of the very steep parts are being concreted. The route to take until it is completed is down Marula drive and then up Instant Alley until it joins Ebony road. The lighting along the camp’s new pathways has been installed and we are waiting for an electrician to come in and install the timer switches. All in all everything is looking fantastic. The bush is extremely green now and incredibly, almost overnight, has become so thick. Joe saw two young lions, a male and female, on the road to Wildebeeste dam from Darisandi the night before last and Ian and Anita saw them again yesterday afternoon from their garden. Who are these news lion and what’s happened to the others we used to see quite regularly? They certainly keep us all on our toes, don’t they?