News Snippet 12 June 2012

What a brrrp morning it is and driving to work in an open vehicle made our eyes cry and noses stream yet the thermometer only showed 7 degrees this morning and it only reached 20 degrees yesterday! I don”t think I took off my fleece until after lunch as the office is bitterly cold especially having bare concrete floors. Just before leaving home this morning I heard the distant call of a lion roaring from the Kudu Pan area heralding in the new day, and then again just before 7am he called again but this time was much closer then Kudu Pan. Perhaps he”s heading our way and is going to keep us awake with his roaring again tonight? The commiphora trees have just about shed all their leaves now leaving the swollen fruit exposed which is creating a feast for the hornbills, barbets, loeries and squirrels.