News snippet 12 September 2012

There’s not been much to tell you over the past few days – perhaps the rain dampened everything? I did notice that the Combretum Mossambicense, Knobbly Creeper, which is a decidous creeper with long trailing branches on which the flowers are tightly clustered. The flowers are followed by 5, sometimes 4, winged fruits that are tinged pink for a while before ripening to brown and papery in Summer. The flowers attract a multitude of insects and in doing so also attract the Brownhooded Kingfisher. The strappy leaves on the Xerophyta retinervis (Black stick lily or Bobbejanstert) have sprouted since the first rain fell and I’m pretty sure that soon the flowers will appear. Lion have been heard calling the past two mornings but no one has reported them yet. Other than that it’s pretty quiet out there.