News Snippet 13 June 2012

All in a days work !!!!! An sms cry for help from Joyce, one of our housekeepers, ‘come pleeze I need help, I see a snake in the roof, I think it maybe a python” came through on my phone yesterday. Murphy’s Law – no snake to be seen when getting to unit B20, so sadly no confirmation of it being a python. “But it’s very beeeg” came the response from Joyce when asked how big the snake was. A black mamba 2M long had shed its skin, which was almost intact, in a tree close to the braai also at Sue and Annie’s house, which is now displayed in the reception. A pearl spotted and a Giant Eagle owl were heard calling as the day closed down yesterday, heralding this the time of year. This morning coming to work with the bracing wind in our faces, as we rounded the top of our drive way onto Camp road, fresh leopard tracks were again found in the powdery dust – I so think we so need to set up a camera trap here as there’s always all sorts of night creatures that frequent our drive way. Joe also let me know that there is a pod of hippo that have taken up residence close to Speaker’s Corner which we often hear making a commotion.