News snippet 14 June 2012

Late yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and during the night quite a thick layer of cloud covered us. Driving to the office this morning the bright orange rising sun, which was just peeping over the horizon and hidden a little by the cloud, caught the clouds causing them to be swathed in hues of dusty pink, blue and lilac – something we that live in the bush so wish we could capture on canvas! There is always something enchanting about the sunrises and sunsets in winter – nothing compares! The knob thorn’s are in flower which is at quite the wrong time of the year and they are clearly confused – the reason being is that the rains stopped in January after the floods, when they normally would have finished at the end of March, and it would generally be 6 months before they normally flowered in September, hence the fact that they are flowering now. New winter clothing stock has arrvied and believe me you’ll need your scarves, beanies and fleeces for both the early and late game drives, so please remember to visit the office!