News snippet 15 August 2012

We woke up to a very bracing 7 degrees yesterday morning and it took quite a while to thaw out the fingers. Thankfully this morning it was a few degrees warmer at 12 degrees. Daytime temperatures continue to be extremely pleasant, that is if you’re outside, and not inside like me. The Knobthorns are still bringing a splash of cream to the otherwise dreary and dry bush. Sightings continue to be super – Leon and Veronica, from B14, chanced upon a pair of mating lion yesterday afternoon at Mopane Corner, and ele’s continue to be called in. The porcupine that kept breaking into the office gardens forced me to remove the plants that he desired so much and has not been in for about 3 nights now. We’ve also removed the circular rockery that used to surround the rain guage leadwood stump, which is where he/she dug up the aloes each night – once the rains come grass will grow over this area and before we know it the porcupine with be a long lost thought.