News snippet 15 January 2013

It”s rained and still raining!!!!! A glorious 48.5mm was measured here at the office and 30mm at the gate which brings

our annual to date to 295.5mm. Last year January we had received 770.85mm by the end of the month, which just goes to show how much of a dry season we”re having. The splendid tinkling of reed frogs and chirping of tree frogs are like “surround sound” now as they celebrate the huge puddles lying everywhere, tree branches hanging sodden and bushes and grass dripping with life-giving water. With the promise of rain yesterday we fertilized the lawns at the office, but were watering by hosepipe in the afternoon, as the rain that had started in the morning had dissipitated after this rain we”re going to have our work cut out for us with mowing! Looking out the window now the ridges are a smudged grey behind the screen of rain tumbling down. Long may may the rain continue! David and Ruthie (B37) went out on a drive yesterday afternoon and at 16h30 were rewarded with the sighting of a leopard in a tree on Tamboti Grove – I”ve just received photos from David and it wasn”t just one leopard but two!!!! If you look carefully in the photo here you’ll see both leopards are looking at each other. What an unbelievable amount of leopard sightings there”ve been lately – let”s hope they continue.