News Snippet 15 July 2012

Sorry for the break in snippets but with MmaKari having left, I’ve been running around again trying to keep things ticking over and being stretched between the office, laundry and house checking. On Friday morning fresh tracks of a lioness and a lion were found on camp road leading off towards Dead Lead, but I’m afraid these lions are proving to be quite elusive as no one has been able to pick them up yet. This morning at about 2 a.m. I was woken up by the crashing sound of my bedside lamp which had been hit by the window blinds due to furious winds that blew in over night, which caused the blinds to billow at right angles to the window. This must be the icy cold front we’ve been hearing about that was going to affect the whole country? Well today has dawned with a glorious bright blue sky, typically in winter, and a biting manic wind that has ripped leaves of trees and shrubs into whirlwinds as well as sweeping up dust in waves. For once I’m glad to be in the office. Im not sure that any sightings will be forthcoming due to the wind as most animals will be looking for sheltered areas to hide in.