News Snippet 16 June 2012

As the burnt orange sun slowly rose above the horizon this morning a pair of Egyptian geese honked overhead on their way to water somewhere – where else but in Africa does such a call make one feel so lucky to be African? Joe was out monitoring again early this morning and heard lion calling from the flood plains – perhaps this is the female, who walked up Ebony then took a detour through the bush towards our house on Thursday evening, calling for her mate. As Joe wasn’t at home until late Thursday evening, and then left early again Friday morning, he didn’t know about the lioness that Mark (B29) called in and didn’t include it in his snippet yesterday. The road works are progressing at an amazing pace with the road from Mopani Corner towards B27 having been re-surfaced. The Euphorbia Candelabra are in full flower now drawing a multitude to buzzing insects to the flowers which assists in pollination. One cannot fathom where all these insects are when the Euphorbia’s aren’t in flower. Here in the camp, since the major pulling out of bush grass and watering, the Tecomaria’s are coming into full bloom with bright orange/red flowers attracting nectar-sipping birdlife. Elsewhere scratching in amongst the fallen leaves and flitting amongst the branches of shrubs we’ve noticed Bluegray flycatchers, Yellowbreasted Apalis, Longbilled crombec and Kurrichane Thrush. 07h50 – Joe has just come into the office to tell me that he’s just seen a pair of African Hawk Eagles catch a guineafowl on Instant Alley – in the right place at the right time I’d say!!!