News Snippet 18 June 2012

It turned out to be a very wishy washy day yesterday – really not warming up at all, so it was no wonder that Joe came across a mamba sunning itself of Tamboti drive at midday. Then early evening our rowdy lion began his roaring again first of all sounding as though he was on Camp road but we couldn’t find him there. Then he called again, this time sounding as though he was on Instant Alley and again we looked, switching off the vehicle to see if we could locate his direction, but we just couldn’t find him. He must have been deep in the bush between the two roads but was quite clearly near our house. The Sanseveria pearsonii (our namesake) (Elephant toothpick) are in coming into flower in the pots near the swimming pool. I’m really looking forward to seeing the completely opened flowers as this is a new plant to me. Every morning the office area is alive with the twittering of all sorts of birds who just can’t get enough nectar, especially from the Tecomaria’s that have burst into flower, since we began watering the surrounds near the pathways.