News Snippet 17 June 2012

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there – if you’d been on the reserve you would have had a lion roaring at 6.30 this morning from the flood plains direction. What a way to start the day…. There was a commotion at the gate last evening – two lion competing in roaring – one on our side of the fence and the other in Grietjie. A short while afterwards Jock and Liz saw the one on our side cross the road near the Ranger’s Hideaway heading towards the flood plains. It was most certainly much warmer this morning then it has been for a while with our minimum temperature being 13 degrees and the day time temperatures continue to be deliciously warm. Yesterday Joe found lion tracks on Waterbuck drive heading towards the gate. It appears as though lion are popping up all over the reserve and we just can’t keep tabs on who’s who.