News snippet 17 June 2013

Gee whiz it””s been really cold in the mornings this past week down to 7 degrees on the 12th, when icy winds brought in

the cold front that sent the temps plummeting. Again yesterday afternoon the wind came up and this morning we woke to thick cloud.

This long weekend we had an influx of members for a change, with 15 units in residence. The sightings have been good breeding herds of elephant, 3 lionesses, good general game and animals such as porcupine, civet and genet being seen. This morning at 05h30 a lion began roaring from the Ebony road direction and then again at 05h40. Africa at its best is in the early hours of the morning when the bush begins waking up to a new day. How incredibly privileged we are to live in this piece of Africa!

Please remember to send me photographs so that I can load them onto our website.

Until next time, take care