News snippet 17 March 2013

It’s super to have a busy weekend again – 9 units in residence, and the balmy weather over the last two days is paying

off with great sightings again. Breeding herds of elephant, a large herd of buffalo that traipsed in from Moolmans, huge herds of impala gathering in the late afternoons along the river have all been reported. Kudu bulls with magnificent horns have been seen in abundance, as well a number of newly born giraffe. Down at the old airstrip there is a female giraffe with her calf that survived a scrape with a predator, presumably lion, as it has rake marks down both rumps. Last evening there was great excitement when Francois from B14 called in lion, I’m not sure how many, at Wildebeeste dam. There is a delightful breeze blowing and puffs of cottonwool clouds scudding across the sky today and hopefully more great sightings will be called in.