News Snippet 17 September 2012

What a glorious morning it is today – bright blue Spring skies, sun shining and NO WIND! Things are happening out there

with regards to our flora – Eileen (B35) found the first Pancratium Tenufolium (Forest Spider Lily) in flower along Ebony yesterday. Soon many more will come into flower and will soon give the effect of white tissues having been tossed into the bush. Eileen also found a Black Stick Lily (Bobbejan”s tail) draped in lilac flowers and they too will soon also bring a splash of colour to the lower growing bush. I noticed the Puzzle Bush (Ehretia rigida) in flower just near the steps leading into the office garden – this is a very highly scented shrub sending wafts of its perfume into the air. It”s certainly becoming a season of awakening and I can”t wait for more surprises. Rain fell again yesterday with us measuring 5mm at the gate and 4.5mm here at the office – the season to date is now 45.25mm. The photo attached to this snippet is a view of the new some of the new pathways in the camp area and I”m sure you”ll agree on how stunning they look. Manuel (A1) has kindly had a trolley made on 4 wheels which will certainly make life so much easier for the Camp owners, when taking their luggage back and forwards to the units.