News Snippet 18 July 2012

It’s really not a joke when you can’t feel your fingers due to the cold and, for some reason, this morning feels especially cold, yet we registered 10 degrees again. It would appear that porcupines are the only animals I can tell you that are around at the moment. It seems as though the cold weather is still keeping the other animals hiding away as general game sightings are scarce unless one is driving at midday!! We had 3 porcupines the evening before last, in front of our house, who were obviously on their way somewhere as they waddled past in single file – dad, mum and youngster. Then last evening I heard a scuffling outside our fence and there was the most magnificent porcupine standing at our bedroom window – his striking black and white quills vibrating against one another as he shuffled around. It’s such a treat to see night creatures for a change.