News Snippet 19 June 2012

The wind came up last evening and on waking up this morning found leaves littered all over the place and we were under a blanket of cloud which, as the day has progressed, is getting thicker and thicker. Rain was forecast for us today and from the feel of it, it may very well do that! We had a report from one of the monitors who is helping us out, and he has GPS co-ords to prove it, that he found leopard tracks with 2 cubs on Hyena drive on Sunday. Now there’s something to look out for! There aren’t many game drive vehicles out on the reserve at the moment as we only have one unit in residence, but this is going to quickly change at the end of the month when there is private school holidays. Please remember that generally the last week of the month and first week of the following month, our staff take their 6 days off and this is to assist with the payment of accounts that they may have. As a result our staff compliment is cut in half and we only have half the number of housekeeping staff to carry out cleans in the units. Please try and book well in advance should you wish to have a clean, otherwise you may be disappointed to find that we aren’t able to accommodate your requests.