News snippet 2 August 2012

Sorry for the delay in the news – again really not much has happened that I’m aware of. We really need you guys to help me out here by coming down to the reserve and giving me something to write about. I know that there’s a long weekend coming up as well as private school holidays so hopefully that’ll do the trick! Yesterday was the day for breakdowns – we only had 3 units in residence and out of the 3 two had vehicle problems. The elephant are also causing problems by felling enormous Marula and Knobthorn trees which, due to their extensive size, have to be cut with the chainsaw in order to be able to move them out the way. Luckily (cross fingers) the ele’s have left the water pipes alone for a few days but knowing Murphy’s law they’ll probably attack them tonight. Talking of tonight, it’s full moon tonight so we will all have to be extra vigilant and keep our ears and eyes to the ground. Those of you who are planning on being down on the reserve at the end of the month need to plan for something extraordinary. On 31st August 2012 there is going to be a Blue Moon so pack your snack and drinks baskets and head for the highest points on the reserve where you can see both to the East and West. At 17h55 the sun wil set and at 17h57 the moon will rise. Unbelieveable!!! Many thanks to Peter Stroobach for giving me the ‘heads up’ on this.