News Snippet 2 July 2012

We have a group of 5 elephant bulls that are causing havoc at Kudu Pan where, in past 48 hours, they have broken the valve and water pipes 3 times!! As the water is pumped to Two Tanks it means that the office, units in camp, units in the lower Sedumoni and our house run out of water each time. What a nuisance!! Good news is that the road works on Rocky Horror is complete and the road has been re-opened. I’m sure you’ll all agree that it makes for much nicer driving now. Here in the camp the Carissa’s (Num Num) are coming into flower – they have beautifully shaped star-like white flowers which look incredible next to the very dark green foliage. Driving to the office this morning we stopped to look at some very strange looking tracks in our driveway, only to find that they were made by a hippo and her calf. It’s quite a trek from the river to our house so it must be quite desperate for her to have travelled so far to look for food. Fancy Barry from A5 seeing a leopard yesterday morning at 10h00!! It certainly seems to be the time of day to be doing game drives as on most mornings many of the animals are still tucked away from the cold and only start venturing out once it’s warmed up. This morning Joe found a Gymnogene on the road from B30 to B38, which was quite a treat for him to see.