News Snippet 20 July 2012

Wow, we ped another degree this morning. Lowest so far this winter at 8 degrees!! Here I am at 11h30 still wearing gloves and the heater on – it is so miserable being inside. There are still very few people on the reserve – 2 units actually and no sighting have been radioed in so there’s no report back on that. Joe is busy dealing with a nightmare water reticulation problem at the moment, which started last week on Saturday, with those units and the office that are fed by the water in 2 tanks. He’s just replaced the entire pipeline from 2 tanks to the borehole but there is just no, or very little, pressure. Sometimes we have a trickle of water and sometimes none. It has been so frustrating as Joe just couldn’t find the problem, until yesterday that is, when Sipho found a dead rat in the pipeline near the staff village. Upon further investigation more dead rodents were found inside 2 tanks! It appears that as the pipeline was purchased a while back, and with it being Winter and having an influx of these creatures, they had set up home inside the pipe. Of course no one thought about there being rats in the pipe when it was laid down in the new trench and then covered up. So now it’s a case of opening up all the water meters and flushing water through them to ensure they’re not blocked up with anything. Needless to say that for the past week we’ve had to carry buckets of water from a tap to fill up the washing machines, as they haven’t been able to operate due to there being no water pressure. What a mission it’s been!! We’re all having to ensure that we boil water for drinking purposes and will have to do this for at least a week still! Other than that all I can say is that there are a lot of night creatures on the prowl at the moment, as the roads are jam-packed with spoor when I head off to the office in the mornings.