News snippet 21 April 2013

Well, what can I say!!! Rain, rain and more rain. What a day it was yesterday when the sky became darker and darker and more menacing as the morning progressed. Suddenly the clouds were unzipped and it poured continuously the whole day. The rain guage at the gate recorded a whopping 75mm and the one here at the office 61mm. So far we”ve had 108mm for April and our year to date is 768mm! How about that!

Late yesterday Graham, from unit B2, radioed in saying that the Sedumoni was flowing and there were even 4cm long fingerlings jumping in and out of the flowing stream. Interesting, as where did they come from? Ndlovu dam?

Driving past antelope yesterday, their coats absolutely sodden, they shook their bodies and sprays of water erupted into the air. The roads were extremely slipperly and huge puddles had gathered in some places as the ground is just so saturated.

What an incredible day it was!!

Until next time, take care