News Snippet 23 August 2012

At long last we’re back on air both electricity and internet wise!!! A major cable burnt out on the evening of Sunday 19th at about 18h00 which affected most of the reserve, although the units on the ridges reported having had their electricity restored later that night after Joe had isolated the problem. However the office, staff village, our house and the lower Sedumoni units were affected with one of the phases not working, which meant that all fridges and fans needed to be switched off in order for motors not to burn out. Thankfully the electricity was restored on Monday afternoon at 16h00 and all of us could have a decent night’s sleep with fans whirring. Yes, it’s been like “a blast from the past” to be experiencing temperatures in the low 30’s over the past few days, and I don’t think many of us who live here are looking forward to summertime temperatures again.

I wonder whether we’ll have another cold spell again before Spring arrives. Unfortunately sightings have been very sparse again but then we’ve only had 2 units in residence. There are a few other units expected in this coming weekend and hopefully we’ll be able to give you some better news on that. On the 20th at 06h30 a lion was heard roaring in the direction of Kudu pan but since then there’s not been a peep out of them. There is a ‘unicorn’ duiker that’s taken up living around our house and almost every day I see him wandering around looking for something to eat, but it’s desperately dry so I doubt he’s finding much. The nightjars have made a comeback at long last and can be heard calling through the night – such a beautiful call. Revamping of the pathways in the camp area have begun and the piece that was laid yesterday looks fantastic. I’m sure those of you that see them will admit that they will look grand.