News Snippet 23 June 2012

It’s good to be back on the air again – there was just nothing to report yesterday, hence the break in comms, but perhaps it’s because it’s that much chillier today that I’ve got my brain working again. The impala rutting season is well over now and the family herds have been sorted out for the next season. The rams are obviously so proud of what they’ve achieved as they tend to strut around the ewe’s making sure they don’t wander off to another herd. The Mopane trees are cloaked in their gloriously rich winter colours of spun gold, russet, red and orange and, of all our indigenous trees, must be the most stunning at this time of year. These trees are an indicator of shallow, poorly drained and often alkaline soils. When one finds open patches of poor soil, you can be sure that Mopane trees will soon grow there. The spreading branches and leaves protect the soil from being washed away with summer rains, and elephants love to eat the foliage.