News snippet 24 December 2012

Here I am back from a much needed break and after a week of sorting things out and catching up am back in the seat

again. At long last the silence on the radio has been broken and is such a relief as we were wondering what on earth was happening out there! Not even elephant have been called in – very strange? Jackie (B5) was the one when, at 09h30 this morning, she called in that she had found a lioness on Mica Hill heading towards Elephant Ridge. All very exciting again! If you look at the gallery for December 2012 you”ll also see that the camera trap at Wildebeest dam captured a lion on the 21st December so the cats are still very much out there, but oh so terribly quiet. I did however hear a lion roaring, quite far away, this morning at about 4a.m. You would have seen the December newsletter that was sent out, it”s also on the web under Office News, that gave first of all, the wonderful news that the land claim has been settled and secondly, a brief update of the projects that Joe and our team have accomplished over the past month or so. The Woodland Kingfishers are still trilling away as well as a number of different cuckoo”s flitting through the tree canopies. The young impala lambs are prancing around and seem to have grown up overnight! Some ewe”s are still heavily pregnant and we”re almost at the end of the month already! This must have something to do with the sparse rainfall this year – we really are in need of some good showers again as the grass is beginning to burn. May we wish you all a very blessed Christmas for tomorrow. Until next time, take special care.