News snippet 24 July 2012

You must be wondering what’s happened and to tell you the truth, not much I’m afraid!! A howling wind blew in the night before last after an extremely warm day, with our minimum temp for yesterday only being 16 degrees! The wind continued through yesterday whipping up dust storms which was really quite disgusting but eventually settled before nightfall. It was really great to hear lion calling again at about 17h30 yesterday, again from the flood plain direction. The previous days roaring actually turned out to be a mating pair of lion. The new owners of Olifants unit 27 came across to the floodplain, after watching them from their deck, and found them on the hillock near Leopard Creek catching up with some sleep after the mating session. I also heard the whip-like crack of branches being broken near Two tanks yesterday afternoon, which was also a welcome sound as it’s been terribly quiet lately. Needless to say there were elephant tracks all the way down camp road, from near our turnoff, heading towards the office this morning.