News snippet 24 May 2013

The eles have been really busy lately – its that time of the year again when they become so bolshie!!! Yesterday morning there were felled trees all along Camp road and as a result all our vehicles stood as though in road blocks as branches had to be cut, or trees pulled off the road, in order to pass. Just as I was driving over the Camp grid I glanced down towards the fuel pumps and couldn”t believe my eyes!! An enormous Knobthorn, that stood near the members garages, was now lying on top of the tractor and trailer! All I could see from the angle I was at was a small piece of yellow metal which indicated that one of our trailers was lying underneath the dense foliage of the tree and thankfully the tractor wasn”t damaged. As it was such a huge specimen the decision we took was to try and lift it back into an upright position after digging a huge hole to plant it back into. The idea was to also bring in huge bolders to be able to help prop the tree up again. Using the TLB and straps, we began to lift it we soon realised that the trunk had been broken almost right through and, in the process of lifting it, it broke completely and couldn”t be saved.

Ian also had a horrid experience yesterday when he experienced a cardiac check up!! He realised that there was a short somewhere on the fence, but couldn”t switch the electrics off otherwise he wouldn”t locate the fault. He eventually found the fault and was testing the voltage, but not remembering that there was a metal plate on the back of the voltmeter, he touched the wire and was hit with between 4000 and 6000 volts of electricity!! He said as he was hit he threw the voltmeter into the air as the electricity went through him and it took quite a while before he felt normal again. Life certainly isn”t dull in the bush!!

Breeding herds of elephant are making their way back onto the reserve again. A herd of about 40 was seen near Kudu pan yesterday afternoon and this morning a herd was seen on Mica Hill.

Lion have been heard calling, as well as jackal in the early hours of the mornings. Civets, genets and porcupines are also being seen during late evening drives.

Until next time, take care