News snippet 24 October 2012

It’s great to be back again after a few days break. Almost overnight the bush has been transformed after the wonderful rain that recently fell. Our month to date is 79.5mm and season to date is 124.75mm – a great start to the season that’s for sure! The Diederik cuckoo’s have winged their way back to our area with the recent rain and their plaintive and far-carrying ‘dee-dee-deederik’ calls being heard together with the Redchested cuckoo’s. Wild flowers are springing up all over and the Black stick lilies have already begun to flower too. Lilies are pushing their strappy leaves through the wet soil and will soon put on a beautiful show. Our armoured insects, the dung beetles, have also arrived back now that the soil is soft enough to bury their dung balls and are furiously busy around piles of dung.