News snippet 25 August 2012

What a fantastic start to what is turning out to be another very warm day, when Joe first called in lion roaring in the direction of Dead Lead drive. Other members called in as well but the roars appeared to have been deceptive as there were quite a few different localities being referred to. Then Francois called in the actual sighting of a magnificent male lion walking from Dead Lead to Camp road. It was really exciting listening to everyone chattering on the radio and I think every member on the reserve congregated on Camp road where he was headed, moving towards the office. Standing in front of the office looking up at Camp Road near Two Tanks our staff were able to watch him ambling down towards us. As it is Abigail’s (one of our housekeepers) last working day today I thought I’d take her to go and see the lion, so we quickly bailed into our car and headed towards the other vehicles. We met up with Jackie first, who advised us that the lion was heading towards our house so we quickly made a U turn and went to our house. Running through the house with Abigail behind me, I flung the sliding doors open and rushed out onto the verandah and there, lo and behold, was the beautiful cat. By this time all one could hear is game drive vehicles moving towards Instant Alley which he where the lion was headed. Abigail and I watched him walk through the bush and then he moved up the ridge and disappeared over the top. Abigail was ecstatic and so grateful to have seen her last lion for what may be a pretty long time, as she’s heading to the mine outside Lydenburg where she’ll be handing out lamps to the miners. She’ll be missed by us all but we wish her everything of the best for the future.