News snippet 25 June 2012

Judging from the photos that have recently been loaded to our website, elephant seem to be active along the ridges,

with one bull in particular wandering up and down the road on the ridge which leads from B30 to B38. Other than that the Bronee”s, who were in residence this past weekend, were at Kudu pan the same time each late afternoon when seemingly the same breeding herd of elephant arrived to drink. They would quench their thirst and then, as if the matriarch had given a signal, the whole herd would stop what they were doing and then suddenly would amble off. Depsite being quite busy with 10 units in this past weekend, the game sightings were very few and far between which hopefully will pick up now that school holidays are upon us. This morning it feels a whole lot chillier than it did yesterday when we had what felt like berg winds – real warm wind blew most of the morning and we wondered what weather we were in for today and learnt that there was snow predicted in the Cape.