News snippet 25 May 2013

From wild dog to cheetah!!!! And no, I”m not out of my mind!! Yesterday afternoon Craig from unit B21, and his guests Helen and Derek, were on their way down to the office to collect a set of keys when right at the turnoff to Ebony from Camp, road a cheetah tore across the road in front of him, in hot pursuit of an impala! Obviously at the speed the cheetah was running there was no time to get photographs of it, but talk about being so incredibly lucky!

And what about Jason, unit A9, who saw 4 leopard the previous evening – that too is exceptional!

We have 10 units in this weekend – escaping the cold of the highveld?? Hopefully sightings will come in thick and furiously and I”ll be able to post some more tomorrow.

Until then, take care