News snippet 26 June 2012

It’s another very fresh morning again today with a huge bank of clouds coming in from the East which is probably bringing in some of the icy conditions from the Cape. We heard jackal howling early this morning as well as a lion roaring from the flood plain side and then another from the direction of Kudu pan. Wendy and Simon were most fortunate to be at the right place at the right time on Sunday, when Eric from Olifants River called in lion crossing from South to North after finding them on a kill. Simon and Wendy decided to wait at Speakers Corner hoping that they’d chosen the right spot to wait and they had. There were two lionesses and 3 sub-adults that crossed who sauntered past the game view vehicle totally unperturbed. Simon and Wendy also found a huge, perhaps 200 strong, herd of buffalo at the old airstrip yesterday and have had genets at their unit each evening. It’s now 8a.m. and Sipho has just radioed us to tell us he has found the herd of buffalo at Rhino Plains.