News snippet 27 May 2013

What another interesting day!! Today Lizzy, one of our cleaning ladies, was to do a spring clean at unit B23, only to find

on her arrival at the unit that there was an enormous python (which turned out to be about 2 meters long) in the roof. Superstition ruled and she would not walk below the trusses where the python was.

Ian and Bernard were called out to remove the python and they had such a battle to try and get it out as it had wound itself around the poles, and the step ladder that Bernard was perched on was just too short to get a good grip on the snake. Eventually they managed to get it down and Lizzy could continue with the cleaning!

Joe released it in the bush above 2 tanks, where there is a nice rocky outcrop, but not before being urinated on!! And you know how much a python”s urine smells!!!

All ended well as another protected species was saved.

Until next time, take care