News snippet 27 October 2012

Thankfully the electricity was restored pretty quickly and was back on in the early evening of Wednesday. We apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused but it was out of our hands and we had to wait for an electrcician to re-shedule his day in order to assist us. Due to there being a Directors meeting this weekend, we have a number of units in residence and hopefully will be able to add to our sightings book which has been terribly bleak. Sipho radioed in a breeding herd of buffalo which Nic and Lisa from unit B34 went to look at the day before yesterday. Arriving at Wildebeeste dam they found a hippo in the dam who proceeded to chase the buffalo herd away. We’re not sure why the hippo behaved so oddly – could it be a hippo cow wanting to give birth and wasn’t happy with the milling buffalo? Who knows…..? The two concreted sections on Camp road near 2 Tanks has been completed and is once again open – thank you for your patience in having to drive via Instant Alley during this time. During the operation an elephant and a lion had walked on the not-properly-dried cement and have left their spoor embedded in it adding some character. Joe is now having the road along the old airstrip re-surfaced with gravel as the previous gravel used wasn’t the correct kind and, during the recent rains, become a slippery quagmire and where vehicles churned it up.