News snippet 3 October 2012

The only thing that’s happening at the reserve is that it’s getting hotter and hotter and the elephant are really causing havoc! It seems that every day’s mission for Ian is to go and remove trees that have been felled over roads and some of them are enormous. The hornbills are frantically preening in preparation for the breeding season. There’s a very strong sickly smell around and only yesterday, whilst moving sprinklers, did I realise that’s it the time of the year when the Terminalia Prunoides come into flower. The trees are dripping with flowers and of course every winged insect around is honing in. The foam nest frogs have also been calling during the past few very hot days, in an attempt to bring on the rains and the Commiphora trees are also beginning to send out small buds but they haven’t quite opened up yet.