News Snippet 30 January 2013

After the enormous amount of rain we received 10 days ago lots of things are beginning to happen! What the rain does inevitably bring in the aftermath of the destruction though, is new life. From flowers, to grasses, insects and more its as if a colossol alarm clock has gone off and all the small creatures have woken up. Some of the first predatory creatures to benefit from this are the birds, who gather en mass to feast on the emerging insects. Around the office huge flocks of European Bee-eaters gather each day swooping down catching unsuspecting insects. Many of the trees, noticeably the Corkwood and Sausage trees, have had their leaves munched by hundreds of catapillars and vast numbers of grasshoppers are satiated after eating their way through juicy leaves. The plectranthus flowers along the roadsides on the reserve are in full splendour – their stunning lilac flowers reaching high through the thick groundcover. Shrubby bushes such as Pavetta (Brides bush) flowers are just beginning to open attracting many butterfly species. What a wonderful thing to be experiencing and one that I hope you’ll be able to see for yourselves.