News snippet 30 June 2012

Another brrrpp morning again – frozen fingers that don’t want to type doesn’t help – it’s school holidays at the moment and we’re going to be quite busy again this weekend. The eles are very active all over the reserve – along the ridges they are carving their paths through the tall wheat coloured grass leading to water and at Kudu Pan they are causing havoc by pulling up the pipes! I can just imagine the glee they must feel being able to grab the pipe and spray water all over the place! Once again Joe was out monitoring this morning and heard lion calling from the direction of Hyena Drive. Hopefully with the reserve being busier we’ll have more sightings to enter than we have in the past week. Arriving at the office this morning we looked up at the Fever Tree, with it’s avocado green bark hightlighted against the blue sky, to find 5 grey loeries in the top branches catching the first rays of sun – such a lovely scene.