News snippet 31 March 2013

The dry season is steadily approaching. We have not had any significant rainfall for some weeks now and, with the sun

still delivering some summer heat, the bushveld has been drying up. Browning grasses and Marula trees with fewer leaves are providing a slightly more monotone back, whereas a month ago the verdant landscape was awash with colour. Slightly cooler temperatures in the morning do bring with them the added advantage of keeping animals active for longer. With the long weekend we’re in at the moment, sightings have picked up due to having more eyes out there. Breeding herds of elephant of up to 25 animals have been seen and the large herd of approximately 60 buffalo were found at Ndlovu dam yesterday, coming down to slake their thirst. A single male lion was found early yesterday morning at Zebra pan and general game is plentiful. The impala rams have begun their rutting season with horns clashing, ringing out like rifle shots, as the dominant males battle it out to gain control of the ewes. May we take this opportunity of wishing all our Christian members a very happy Easter.