News Snippet 4 July 2012

When we woke up this morning it was still pretty dark but hanging in the sky, in the direction of Kudu pan, was the most enormous luminous full moon! What a sight it was as it’s light bathed the Autumn leaves on the trees, making them stand out against the other vegetation. When the staff arrived at work there was excited chatter as Pilusa had noted that there were very fresh tracks of a large male lion on the road inside the office grid. Then about 20 minutes later the contractors working at B29 came to the office to let me know that they had just been watching a lioness, on camp road near the turnoff of B30, stalking zebra that were in the road in front of them, and then chased after them into the bush. They said there was such a commotion going on whilst this was happening. What a way to start the day!!